Helping you navigate business turbulence


Working through change WITH your people

Change impacts people differently. We work to surface perceptions, beliefs and assumptions— what's holding people back. Long term change won't happen if we operate from a “coercitive” or “compliance” mode. We aim for conviction and collaboration.

Engaging leaders to envision the future and make the story relevant​

A clear vision of the desired future shared at the top and throughout all levels of management is critical for success. Steering committee workshops and leader forums allow us to define the vision, how we will measure it, the degree of commitment to get there. We equip leaders to play their role.

Leveraging your people's collective talent to co-create and self-organize​

Positive psychology and appreciative problem-solving methodologies are premised on discovering what works and ensuring we do more of it. We involve people to envision the possibilities and how to get there. With the energy, enthusiasm and buy-in this generates, we gain time and accelerate the transformation journey.

Mobilizing people's hearts and minds to enable the right behaviours​

Announcing the facts about a change doesn't mean people get it. Change is frequently irrational and emotions can quickly take a front row seat. We create opportunities to connect authentically with employees, spell out the desired behaviours and build confidence.